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      Product Type :MPPT Solar Controller Product Series :MB Series System voltage :12/24/36/48VDC or self-identification Rated current :20A-30A Maximum working voltage :150V Product Briefing MB series solar controller 20A-30A adopts multi-phase synchronous rectification technology and advanced MPPT control algorithm, featuring fast response speed, high reliability and high industrial standard. industrialisation standard. Multi-synchronous rectification technology ensures extremely high conversion efficiency under any charging power environment, which greatly improves the energy utilisation of the solar system; advanced MPPT control algorithm is also adopted. Advanced MPPT control algorithm minimises the maximum power point loss rate and loss time, ensuring maximum power point tracking efficiency, response speed and high power conversion efficiency in small and large power bands. Advanced MPPT control algorithm minimises the maximum power point loss rate and loss time, ensuring the maximum power point tracking efficiency, response speed and high power conversion efficiency in both large and small power segments, which can quickly track to the maximum power point of the PV array and obtain the maximum energy of the solar panels under any environment. The maximum power of the solar panel can be quickly tracked in any environment. It operates at rated power in the full working temperature range and has the function of automatic power reduction for over-temperature charging; it has the function of double automatic limitation of rated charging current and power, which fully ensures that the product can be used in the full range of temperature and temperature. It has double automatic limiting function of rated charging current and power, which fully ensures the system stability of the product in over-temperature operation and access to excess PV modules as well as under high temperature operation. The LCD screen dynamically displays the operation status, The LCD screen dynamically displays the operation status, operation parameters, controller log, control parameters and so on. With over-charging, PV connection and other protection functions, effectively ensure that the solar power supply system is safer, more stable and more Long-term operation Performance characteristics  Adaptive three-stage charging mode controlled by digital circuits, effectively prolonging battery life and improving system performance.  Excellent MPPT high power point tracking technology, tracking efficiency not less than 99.5%.  Unique circuit design provides high DC/DC conversion efficiency in both high and low power bands, up to 98.5% and 97% full load efficiency.  Advanced MPPT control algorithms ensure that the maximum power point loss rate and loss time are minimised.  Accurate identification and tracking of multi-peak maximum power points.  Dual automatic limiting function of rated charging power & charging current.  Provide multiple battery types, support maintenance-free, gel, liquid, lithium and other battery types charging.  With settable battery temperature compensation function.  With real-time power statistics and recording function.  With high temperature charging automatic power reduction function. Built-in over-temperature protection mechanism ensures that when the temperature exceeds the set value of the device, the charging current decreases linearly with the temperature, thus reducing the temperature rise of the controller and avoiding high temperature. This reduces the temperature rise of the controller and avoids high temperature damage.  With the photovoltaic panel input reverse connection and battery reverse connection protection function. Various sampling data are visualised on the screen for easy access.  Maximum input PV voltage 150V, a wider range of maximum power point operating voltage, improve the utilisation rate of PV modules, applicable to a variety of commonly used solar panel specifications.    Ultra-low power consumption power supply chip, reduce static standby energy consumption, reduce energy loss at night. Areas of application Widely used in home distributed power generation systems, remote communication sites, highway surveillance systems, marine and RV applications due to its excellent environmental adaptability. ​Technical parameters Model MB20415F MB30415F System voltage 12/24/36/48VDC OR Self-recognition Rated current 20A 30A Controller operating voltage range 11-64V Lead-acid battery type i Maintenance-free (default) / colloidal / liquid / customised Lithium Battery Type Lithium iron phosphate / lithium ternary / customised Rated charging current 20A 30A Rated charging power 260W/12V 390W/12V 520W/24V 780W/24V 780W/36V 1170W/36V 1040W/48V 1560W/48V Maximum open-circuit voltage of photovoltaic modules 150V(at the lowest temperature)138V(At 25°C) Maximum power point operating voltage range 12V systems 20~150VDC 24V systems 36~150VDC 36V systems 48~150VDC 48V systems 64~150VDC Tracking efficiency ≥99.5% Maximum conversion efficiency 97.5% Temperature Compensation Coefficient -3mV/ºC/2V Static loss 200mA/12V;100mA/24V;50mA/48V; DC Load Output Voltage Same as battery voltage Rated output current of DC load 20A DC Load Output Control Method normally open and normally closed mode protective function PV input anti-reverse connection protection, battery input reverse connection protection, overcharging protection undervoltage protection, over-temperature protection Heat dissipation method air cooling communication method RS485 Operating temperature range -20ºC~+50ºC Storage temperature range -40ºC~+70ºC Relative humidity range 0~90%RH ​          

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    Standort:Deutschland; Projektbereitstellungsdatum:03.11.2022 Systemkapazität:50KW  

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    Standort:Libanon; Projektbereitstellungsdatum: 22.06.2021 Systemkapazität:5KW

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    Standort:Rumänien; Projektbereitstellungsdatum: 2019.07.11Systemkapazität:13,2 kW

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  • Aiko technology
    Aiko technology

    In the pursuit of the dream of a zero-carbon society, Axiomtek has always stood out for its innovative power and sense of mission. As a brand dedicated to photovoltaic efficiency and quality aesthetics, they not only continue to push the boundaries of technology, but also make continuous efforts in customer relations to meet user needs. Let's take a deeper look at Axiomtek's core value of one-stop system solution and the outstanding benefits it brings. The efficiency of AIKO's one-stop system solution is obvious. With a conversion efficiency of over 24 per cent, its ABC modules convert solar energy into electricity more efficiently than conventional technologies. This means that the ABC modules can continue to generate electricity in the morning and evening when the light is weak, providing a more stable power supply for users. Even more impressively, Axiomtek employs one string tracking technology to maximise the energy captured from each module, further improving power generation efficiency. This high efficiency is crucial to achieving the goal of a zero-carbon society, as it helps to maximise the use of solar resources. The system's easy-to-install and easy-to-operate features provide users with unrivalled convenience. The one-string-one-monitoring technology allows users to monitor the working status of each string in real time, realising refined operation and maintenance. The system bracket design is flexible and can be adapted to a variety of installation directions, providing more flexible options. In addition, the integrated design of household storage makes the installation process faster and more convenient, while the modular design features make the flexible expansion of the system possible. These features greatly reduce the difficulty of installation and maintenance, providing users with comprehensive support. One of the advantages of AIKO's one-stop system solution is the convenience of kitting. Users can enjoy the one-stop package delivery without long waiting time. The Kit-style racking package makes the installation process more hassle-free and less labour-intensive. This means that users can start using the solar power system more quickly, contributing to a zero-carbon society.   Last but not least, Axiomtek provides users with system-level OEM service. Whether it's modules, racking, inverters, storage or APP, users can enjoy a full range of service guarantees to ensure efficient system operation and reliability. This quality of service is a source of pride for the AIKO brand and a key factor in their partnership with customers.  

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    Happy Dragon Boat Festival

    With the gentle breeze of summer, we are about to usher in the annual Dragon Boat Festival. In this festival full of traditional colours and warm atmosphere, our company sends the most sincere holiday blessings and heartfelt thanks to our customers who have always given us trust and support! Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Dragon Boat Festival, is a traditional festival with a long history of the Chinese nation. It is not only a festival, but also a cultural heritage and emotional exchange. On this special day, we hope that through the dumplings to convey a strong blessing, may your life as this sweet-smelling dumplings, full of sweetness and warmth.   All along, your trust and support are the driving force for us to move forward. It is with your company that we can move forward steadily in the highly competitive market and achieve one achievement after another. Here, we sincerely thank you for your trust and love, but also promise that we will continue to work hard to provide you with better quality products and more intimate service.   In the future, we will continue to uphold the concept of "customer first", and constantly optimise our products and services to meet your growing needs. We firmly believe that only by truly understanding and satisfying the needs of our customers can we win their trust and loyalty.   Last but not least, once again, we wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival, good health and happiness for your family! May you spend quality time with your family and enjoy the joy and warmth of the festival. At the same time, we also look forward to the future, we can continue to work together to create a better tomorrow!


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